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Here's a little of our family story

About the Pyle Family

Colin & Kathy Pyle live on the coast at Marsden Point, New Zealand. They live on a family property owned by Colin and his eight siblings. They have five children: Joseph who is married to Rebecca, Jeremy, Matthew, Isaac & Priscilla. For about years they have been developing this ministry of "Families Walking With God." Each of their children appear to be growing up with a love for God and are involved with this ministry.

Colin and Kathy Pyle

From left: Kathy, Colin and Israel (grandchild)

Colin was bought up in a Christian home and was from a farming background. From an early age, he had a passion to know Christ in a deep way and to make Him known. He was very involved in the local Baptist church and in 1978 he trained to be a Baptist minister. He was a Baptist Minister from 1982 until 1998, pastoring three Baptist churches. Colin is deeply grateful to the Baptist denomination for the input they had into his life.

Kathy was also bought up in a strong Christian home (Presbyterians) and her mother led her to the Lord at the age of eight. From aged 16, after she had made a lordship decision at a Billy Graham Crusade, she became involved with the Navigators. The Navigators are a para-church organisation whose main aim is to know Christ and to make Him known by making disciples and disciple makers in every nation. She was discipled in discipleship principles such as having a Quiet Time, Scripture Memory and evangelism. (Colin was also involved with the Navigators, but to a far lesser extent than Kathy.)

They are both deeply grateful to the Navigators for the input they have had in their lives.

They were married in 1982. Both Colin and Kathy have had a growing conviction that Christian families needed to disciple their own children. They saw many Christian parents despairing over their teenage children who were not taking on the faith. Colin & Kathy were also concerned about their own children. They saw signs that their own children could drop out of Christianity if something was not done.

In retrospect, they can clearly see the Lord's leading and guidance in setting up this ministry of "Families Walking With God."

Joseph and Rebecca

Joseph, Rebecca and their baby, Israel

Joseph & Rebecca were married in November 2007.

He is a builder by trade. But from a young age, Joseph has had a passion for making disciples. Over the years he has led a number of youth discipleship groups with the emphasis on getting young people to have a daily walk with God.

Rebecca was brought up in a strong Christian home and came to Christ at a young age.

On March 2011, baby Israel was born to them. Israel's birth has brought great joy to our whole family. The March 2011 Newsletter was about Israel's birth.



Jeremy has been a great help to Colin & Kathy in this "Families Walking with God" ministry. He has assisted greatly in getting the website on line.

He loves playing the piano and brings joy into our home with his music. He has written many beautiful songs that are full of gratitude to the Lord.

Colin & Kathy are thrilled with his growing relationship with the Lord. In recent times after he has his QT, he often goes on walks, memorizing Scripture at the same time. We believe it is his relationship with the Lord that gives him the inspiration to write these songs.


Matthew and Nephew, Israel

Matthew has a deep passion to know God, and he tries to get up very early in the morning to seek Him.

He loves reading books by such writers as A.W. Tozer and David Pawson and biographies of people like CT Studd, David Brainerd, etc.

Matthew has been an incredible blessing to his dad and to his whole family because of his love for the Word of God and for truth. He is very influencial for Christ among other young people.

He loves swimming and has become very keen on free-diving.


Isaac and Nephew, Israel

Isaac has been trained in their "Walking With God" principles from aged 4. Kathy home-schooled him for a few years, and she taught him to read & write in conjunction with having a QT.

He has grown up to love the Lord and this family QT ministry. Isaac is very diligent in getting up early to spend time with the Lord, seeking to hear His voice.

He enjoys photography and has become the main photographer for this website.



Priscilla is and, being the only girl, is a source of great joy to her parents and her four big brothers.

Being the youngest, she is the only one in the Pyle family who has been trained in their "Walking with God" principles from birth.

She enjoys being home-schooled by Kathy, and has become an avid book worm.

The highlight of her week is the family group that meets at the Pyles' home.

Grandma , Kathy's mother


Grandma has been very influencial in Kathy's life. When Kathy was a child, she prayed with her to receive Christ as her Savior and continued to disciple her by praying with her each day. Grandma has faithfully supported Colin, Kathy and their family in prayer all these years.

She has led different groups that have involved Quiet Time sharing. At aged 91 she was leading a group in Carterton using the QT sheets, until her move to Auckland, where she lived in a unit in a retirement village that her son-in-law, Duncan Macdonald manages. Two years ago Grandma had a fall and injured her shoulder. She struggled on, trying to live on her own, but recently she moved into the 24 hour care part of the retirement village as she was unable to use her left arm. She is very happy living there. Kathy phones her every day and Duncan and Julie (Kathy's sister) are an amazing help to her.

Our family loves visiting her when we can. Grandma has been an incredible blessing to our family. We are praying that she will reach 100 years of age with an active and sharp mind as she has at present.

Nana, Colin's mother


When Colin's Dad died years ago, they moved in with Colin's Mother. They had 15 wonderful years with her until she died on April 5th, 2009 aged 92. She had a profound influence for Christ in Colin's life as she has had in all of her 9 children. Every one of her children are committed Christians as are most of her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Colin doubts if he would have become a Christian if it had not been for the influence his mother had on him.

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