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The Fangata Family (from the Solomon Islands)

 May 2012 

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Introduction by Kathy Pyle

We met Janet and Samuel Fangata and their lovely family at an International Student Ministries (ISM) conference in February. We were so encouraged to hear that their family had found a new level of sharing together through doing the "Walking With God" diaries as a family.

The Fangata family - top from left:Elizabeth, Timothy and Tracy; bottom from left: Samuel Jnr, Samuel, Janet and Rahab

Fangata Family Testimony

- by Samuel Fangata

Testimonies of the Fangata's family about the "Walking With God Quiet Time".

I am Samuel and my wife is Janet. We have five children including Timothy, Elizabeth, Tracy, Samuel Jnr. and Rahab. We are from the Solomon Islands. We arrived in New Zealand and reside in Hamilton since 2010 on the basis that I am a student at the University of Waikato. I am about to finish my study and we will be heading back home early next month in July.

In June last year, 2011, I had the opportunity of travelling with the International Connection (IC) group from Hamilton to Hebron College in Auckland to attend an ISM (International Student Ministry) Northern Regional Meeting. During this meeting the Pyle family gave a talk about a 'Quiet Time' approach they call 'Walking With God'. As they were explaining and demonstrating this approach I could tell that this would be the solution for my family's spiritual growth and sustainability. After the talk I was convinced that the 'Walking With God Quiet Time' approach would certainly be helpful for myself and my family. I was given enough free copies of the 'Walking With God' Year 1 Quiet Time diary books for my family and was looking forward to sharing this new approach with them.

Upon arrival in Hamilton I could not wait to share what was burning in my heart with my family. In the evening I called everyone together and distributed the books to them. I explained and demonstrated the approach and they all wanted to try it. From then on 'Walking With God Quiet Time' approach has been the basis of our family fellowship.

The 'Walking With God Quiet Time' is a real blessing to our family. It guides our study of the Word in a sequential manner. It teaches us that the Word is God speaking to us as individuals and as a family. It draws and strengthens our relationship with God and with each other on a daily basis. Our sharing of the scripture enriches our individual lives as we listen to the varieties of individuals' spiritual interpretations on the Word. Thus, the Word moulds, shapes and nurtures our individual and family practices based on spiritual values. The 'Walking With God' book becomes a personal record of our study and devotion. This we can easily access and share when having fellowship together with other friends and families within the community. We are pleased to see our children reading the Word of God and saying what it means to them in aspects of their lives. 'Walking with God' helps us all to grow together in the Word of God which leads, guides and strengthens us in our daily living.


- Aged 17

I often hear that as Christians our personal relationship with God is important. And we can nurture this by prayer, fellowship and feeding on the Word of God. But one of my main hindrances to this was my organisational skills in formatting a way that I could feed from God's Word. Through the 'Walking With God' booklet I am so grateful that I can fill myself with God's Word and it certainly makes a difference in my life. Sometimes when I fail to do my morning devotions I feel my day not going smoothly as it should. So thanks to the Pyle family and may God continue to bless and uphold your family as you continue the good work.

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