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Families Walking With God

Do you want your family to experience great joy in God?

It is our dream to see families walking together with God, praying, sharing, and learning together of Him and His ways. Our mission is to equip and support families to achieve this goal.

As a family, we experience great joy walking with God.

Each day we spend time on our own having a Quiet Time, seeking to make God the greatest joy in our lives. Then as a family, we share and pray together about what we have received from the Lord.

Another special time is this: Our family regularly joins with other families, have a meal together, and then share with each other from our most significant Quiet Time (QT) of the week.

We feel that "Walking With God" is for Christian families everywhere regardless of denomination, creed or race.

We believe that God, through His Holy Spirit, has given us a very simple strategy for getting families walking with God.

It is easy to navigate around this site. There is a menu at the top. There are various buttons for things like downloading Quiet Time sheets as well as "The Strategy".

The Strategy

"The Strategy" gives instructions on having a Quiet Time, sharing with your family and sharing with other families.

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