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First monthly newsletter for "Walking With God."

November 2007 

This is the first of a monthly newsletter for "Families Walking With God." We would like this monthly newsletter to be a letter of encouragement for families.

Both Joseph & Rebecca are committed Christians who have been running a group called Transition for 10 to 12 year olds. The daily Quiet Time is a key ingredient for this group. It is our prayer that they will be greatly used by the Lord in the future to help families and individuals develop a passion for the Lord.

At the beginning of October, Nana, Colin's Mum, had a minor stroke. We had wondered if she would reach her 91st birthday on 25th October, yet she did which was a great joy for us. Since that time, she has gradually deteriorated, having lost her short term memory. It has been a very sad time for us in seeing her like this. We are still living with her and we count it a great privilege to care for her at this time. Nana requires 24 hour care. Colin's brothers and sisters have been a tremendous help as they have been helping to care for her each night and often during the day. Nana has been an incredible influence for Christ in Colin's life and in the lives of her other eight children.

Kathy and Priscilla with Nana while she was in hospital on the day of Joseph and Rebecca's wedding.

The whole of November has been a very busy time for us and often quite stressful. Although we haven't always had a daily sharing time, when we have, it has been a source of encouragement and strength to us. Jesus is becoming increasingly real to us.

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