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Our Strategy

Our strategy for getting families and individuals walking together with God is very simple: just 3 steps.

Step 1 - Have a Quiet Time

Each family member has a Quiet Time where he/she tries to connect with God. We have found the way to connect with God is by sitting in His presence, being filled with gratitude to Him and by answering the question, "What could God be saying to me?"

Step 2 - Sharing With My Family

At a later time, the family share and pray together over the insights that God has given to each one.

We have specially designed "Walking With God" Quiet Time sheets or a diary for recording these insights.

(It is useful for each person to have a clipboard folder to keep the Quiet Time sheets together, to hold a pen and to keep a family photo.)

Step 3 - Sharing With Other Families

We meet regularly with other families who are having Quiet Times to share over the insights that God has given each of them. It is special to have a meal together which creates close fellowship and then to have the sharing time. Our family loves meeting with other families.

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